About Me

So, you want to know more about me? Hmmm, I’m great at writing other people’s life stories as I love to listen to the twists and turns of other people’s wonderful lives but am painfully shy when it comes to my own. I tend to let my social media accounts give a jigsaw vision of what I’m all about.

However, you’re here now so I will absolutely let you in on a couple of secrets. I was born and raised in a little town in Cork, Ireland where I grew up with 3 wonderfully talented older siblings. When I was 20 years of age I rolled out a map of Europe, closed my eyes and pointed randomly to the country of Hungary. I ended up studying in Budapest for half a year, throwing myself into the deep end of self discovery (survival), thousands of miles away from home.

Returning from Budapest to Ireland left me with this undying need to challenge myself, to test my levels of comfort, to strive out of the ordinary life and do things a little differently. Within days of being home, I knew I couldn’t sit still too long. However, my passion for my journalism course took over and I knew I had to finish it before planning where to next.

With my studies complete, in fact, 24 little hours after I dropped my pen in my last exam, I hopped on a plane that landed me in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. 3 years later, having lived in every corner of the country, working in numerous different roles in the media, learning from some of the smartest and creative people I have ever met, then all my Dutch boxes were checked. What now?

I packed up (again), borrowed a friend’s van and drove my way back to that little island of my youth, Ireland. Here, I stayed for 10 months to click the reboot button and roll out that world map again. This time, a little less blindly than the first time, my finger dropped a little further away on Canada.

My Canadian adventure is just about to start and I cannot wait to take my writing, editorial and organizational knowledge around the world with me and start building your dream content.